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PixelWindow is a simple, light-weight, cross-platform application for measuring things on your screen. It creates a transparent window that acts like a pixel ruler with its width and height reported in the center. Just drag it around and resize it to measure whatever you want.

Click on the badge above to install PixelWindow (it's free), or watch the PixelWindow screencast to see how it works.

Features of PixelWindow:

  • Light-weight and cross-platform (Mac, Windows, and Linux).
  • Adjustable opacity. Use your mouse wheel to make the ruler more or less transparent.
  • Multiple rulers. Open as many rulers as you need simultaneously to make it easier to compare the sizes of objects that you're measuring.
  • Keyboard control. Use your arrow keys to "fine tune" the ruler's position and size either by one pixel, or by five.
  • Always-on-top option. Set the ruler to stay on top of all other windows so you can position other windows behind it.
  • Presets. PixelWindow has presets for several common screen sizes.
  • Full-screen mode. Use PixelWindow to measure the dimensions of your monitor by putting it into full-screen mode.
  • Easily copy dimensions to your clipboard.
  • Open source and free. Want to add features? Curious how PixelWindow works? It's completely open source.

Uses of PixelWindow include:

  • Finding the dimensions of images, videos, windows, or anything else on your screen (perfect for getting that perfect dating site or social media profile photo crop or even capturing your favorite adult video clips).
  • Determining absolute layout coordinates while designing and developing applications.
  • Simulating smaller screen resolutions to check the layout of your applications.
  • Quickly determining the resolution of your monitor.

PixelWindow was created by Christian Cantrell:

  • Adobe blog
  • Personal blog
  • Christian Cantrell on Twitter

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The current version of PixelWindow is 1.1. This site was last updated on 3/24/20.